The aim of conflict management training is to introduce practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that managers and team leaders can effectively utilise when managing conflict in the workplace. It should build on previous training, skills and knowledge of effective performance management.

Target Group

Aimed at managers and team leaders, the conflict resolution course provides the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage and turn around conflict situations in the workplace, in a clear, assertive and constructive manner.

Course Objectives

  • Defined confrontation and their role in managing conflict in the workplace to ensure they maximise individual and team performance
  • Identified their preferred style/s in influencing others and managing conflict and the additional strategies that they need to use to successfully resolve the conflict situation
  • Demonstrated their skills in resolving conflict and confrontation
  • Have identified a plan to apply and enhance their communication skills in the workplace to address existing conflicts

Course Content

  • Current strategies for handling conflict in the workplace
    • Defining confrontation
    • Identifying where you focus your attention and energy
    • Role of managing conflict in the workplace
    • Current conflict resolution strategies
  • Conflict styles
    • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
    • Recognising different styles of conflict
    • Recognising your own preferred way of dealing with conflict
    • Identifying the impact of different conflict styles
  • Process for managing conflict
    • Crosby’s conflict process
    • Reviewing different stages of the conflict process
    • Recognising contributions and potential conflict management strategies to change the outcome
  • Influencing and assertiveness styles
    • The wheel of influencing
    • Non-verbal elements of influencing
    • Stating wants
    • Using consequences
    • Suggesting and proposing ideas
    • Giving feedback
    • Adapting to the situation with integrity