With constant shifts in workforce demographics and emerging global markets, the necessity and benefits of a diverse workplace are growing exponentially.  Diversity in the workplace can help a business expand their market share, boost company productivity and attract a wider pool of qualified applicants. 

Target Group

Supervisors, Line managers, Heads of department, administration staff, HR staff, CEOs

Course Objective

  • Understand the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Increase your Awareness for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Develop an Action Plan for Starting the Journey to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Explain the value of a diverse workforce.
  • Describe how diversity goes beyond such differences as race, age, and gender.
  • Identify challenges that often arise when working with a heterogeneous group.
  • Explain how the law affects diversity in the workplace.
  • Identify and address inappropriate behaviour.
  • Adopt a management style that encourages diversity.

Course Content

  • The Basics: Why Talking About Diversity Matters
  • The Law: What’s Legal and Not
  • A Little History: Five Approaches to Diversity Management
  • Three Paradigms: Understanding Different Views of Diversity
  • Organizational Inclusion: Aligning Systems and Policies
  • Moving Toward Inclusion: Everyday Activities
  • Smoother Sailing: Managing Different Viewpoints and Agendas