This powerful new Art of Strategic Management training course explores the factors that drive strategic success and failure, and how to harness them for personal and career success.  It is designed for those who are not directly involved in strategy formation, but who wish to understand how strategy impacts the success of their company, and how to apply and lead strategic thinking within their own team.  It provides a perspective and vocabulary for strategic decision-making that enables participants to understand and support the strategic direction of their organisation, and at the same time enhance their own career success.

Target Audience

This Art of Strategic Management training course is suitable for any professional who is required to make strategic decisions, and anyone who wishes to learn the principles of strategic thinking and how to apply them in their own job and their own career.

Course Objective

  • Understand how strategic thinking has developed and evolved over the past fifty years
  • Comment effectively on strategy and its implementation within your own organisation
  • Differentiate strategy from tactics
  • Link strategic decisions to Return on Capital (ROCE) through Value Creation and Market Focus
  • Learn the key models and vocabulary to “talk strategy” effectively with others
  • Link daily actions and team performance to headline strategy
  • Recognise some of the key factors that lead to changes in strategy
  • Create your own personal strategy for success

Course Content

  • Understand the process of formulating, planning and implementing a strategy
  • Develop strategic thinking skills
  • Understand the different types of strategy within an organization
  • Develop strategic management abilities to enable the delivery of best value or return on invested capital
  • Relate action plans to strategic initiatives and individual performance
  • Create conditions that foster achievement of strategic goals within the firm when conditions change
  • Understand an alternative approach to competitive strategy
  • Recognize and communicate the drivers for strategic change within your organization
  • Create your own personal strategy for personal and professional success