In the corporate world, restructures and consequential redundancies are often required, but come with an emotional human cost. Therefore, it’s vital that companies plan changes carefully in order to support the workers who are losing their jobs, avoid any unfair dismissal claims and minimize the potential of negative publicity.

Target Group

Employees earmarked for redundancy, line managers, Human resource staff, employee representatives, supervisors


  1. Identify reactions and emotions to news of redundancy and apply basic coping mechanisms
  2. Put together a plan to take you to the next stage of your work life
  3. Know-how and where to job search
  4. Know how to manage money and lifestyle
  5. Know how to apply a simple problem-solving technique
  6. Explain the role of networking in returning to work
  7. Consider a range of options as an alternative to getting another job.
  8. Know how to remain positive and relevant

Content Areas

  1. Define what constitutes redundancy
  2. Reacting to redundancy news
  3. Separation process
  4. Redundancy entitlement pay
  5. Employees entitlement to appeal
  6. Managing a smooth transition
  7. What options are there after redundancy
  8. How to communicate with family and friends about your redundancy
  9. Job search techniques
  10. Coaching and counselling
  11. Financial planning and Management