Financial Wellness is the focal point of life. Financially healthy individual spreads the health to all the other faculties of their lives. It is true that financial wellness translates to Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Intellectual wellness and Spiritual Wellness both for the individual and for those around them.

The converse is also true. Our Financial Literacy Programs (FLPs) are designed to enable individuals and groups to draw value from the sessions. Our approach is professional as we do our best to package a training session that is aligned to the needs of the target group. Whereas the core content may appear similar between one training and another, the approach and the mode of delivery is usually matched to the specific needs of the target group or target individuals.

Group Target

Business owners, HR Managers, Supervisors, Managers

Learning Objective

  • To encourage participants to manage their finances responsibly
  • To enable participants to build the requisite blocks for financial freedom
  • To equip participating employers with skills to diagnose and positively respond to areas that need FLP intervention among their employees  
  • To help liberate those in financial sorrow through participatory FLP therapy interventions 
  • To identify the best strategies for wealth creation, protection and preservation 
  • To help participants discover avenues for income diversification
  • Give access to financial products and investment opportunities
  • To enable employees to proactively plan for their retirement

Content Areas              

  • Financial Wellness diagnosis
  • The power of saving
  • Effective modes of saving
  • The Art of goal setting
  • The Art of budgeting & Financial Prioritizing Skills
  • Managing debts & Liabilities
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • The power of compounding
  • Taking advantage of economies of scale
  • Investment opportunities today
  • Investment opportunities tomorrow
  • Principles of Wealth accumulation
  • Principles of Wealth protection
  • Principles of Wealth distribution