This Disciplinary and Grievance Training Course will provide those that attend with the skills and approaches needed to manage disciplinary and grievance issues effectively. It seems today that the rules surrounding disciplinary and grievance in the workplace have grown in many grey areas. It’s reported that businesses apply the rules in different ways or even inconsistencies in the procedure in one business is commonplace.

Target Group

The course is suitable for anyone involved in managing the HR process and policies i.e. HR Managers, HR Advisors and Leaders and Managers who are looking for an introduction to dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Course Objectives

By the end of this Disciplinary and Grievance Training Course, attendees will:

  • Have a full understanding of disciplinary and grievance processes and how they can be used to manage under-performance
  • Understanding how to have difficult conversations with team members who are under-performing, have high sickness levels and who have lodged grievances against people or processes.
  • Be able to investigate disciplinary issues and grievances
  • Know how to set clear performance objectives and performance improvement plans

 Course Content

The content of this Disciplinary and Grievance Training Course includes:

  • What the law says
  • The difference between conduct and capability
  • What you can/should do before getting to the disciplinary stage
  • Dealing with conduct and capability issues
  • Disciplinary process and meetings
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal including constructive dismissal
  • How to avoid all of these things in the first place