A professionally-written resume has the power to get you noticed and highlight your accomplishments to give you the desired advantage. As a result, at Accurex we have a mass of certified CV writers who ensure that your CV is up to date and has all the needed information that is dedicated to helping professionals market the product they know best – Themselves!

If you have a vision of what you want your résumé, cover letter, and brand to look like, At Accurex, we can make it happen. We strive to make every design unique. We offer resume formatting including a new template and re-working your bullet points to be results-oriented! Our approach is to take a look at your materials and create a new template.

When you share your resume with us, we include questions about each position within the First Draft. Your answers help us to create result-oriented points that showcase some of your meaningful work. We also ask for you to provide a job description for a dream job you’re looking at so that we can formulate your bullet points to align with the JD, and therefore get flagged through Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

In addition to Resume Refurbishing we offer LinkedIn Profile updating and Cover Letter Writing.

Our Steps of CV Writing

  • You share your CV with us
  • We have a look at it and confirm if it needs to be worked on
  • We ask of any additional information that you want to be added on the CV
  • We work on your CV and you confirm if it is to your liking
  • Update on your LinkedIn profile and your Cover Letter

Contact us Today to inquire on CV writing

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Email: info@accurex.co.ke