Coaching for Organizations

Organizations need managers and leaders who use coaching skills to empower employees to achieve organizational Goals. Our approach to coaching provides a framework for developing skills to help managers Coach for performance. We cover the structure of a performance coaching session, assessing current performance, awareness and taking responsibility, overcoming psychological blocks, goal setting, eliminating the difference between actual and expected performance.

Individual Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process for assisting individuals to maximize their potential and achieve what matters to them. Individual executive coaching offers leaders the opportunity to work with a coach to focus on enhancing performance, wellbeing and success. Private coaching works because it is customized, flexible and time efficient – more so than any other form of professional development. At Accurex, we coach leaders at any level, from experienced principals to newly appointed team leaders.


We groom young people between the ages of 10 years and 20 years old to be successful individuals in the society. Our Director Purity Wanjiru, as the Lead Mentor, was inspired to change the lives of young people. Her being a product of good mentoring from her father, she went on to being a Cambridge educated, successful, business and career woman today. We plan to identify, develop and groom the uniqueness and talents of our youth as well as develop leadership qualities and principles.

Through this program, we raise a generation of young boys and girls whom will be cultivated and prepared for the world. Our mentorship program under the name tag “Talent with Purpose” is meant to spark the youth potential. With the age group of 10-20 years, we work with parents and teachers to identify individual’s uniqueness and potential and work towards unleashing their potential.


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