Campaign Success Project Associate – Ecommerce Industry

4 weeks

Job summary

 The campaign success PM is responsible for planning and overseeing successful campaign execution. From ensuring we have the right influencer pool through brand needs assessment and acquisition. The PM is to ensure campaigns are run on time and budget fulfilled and all underperforming influencers are re-trained.

What qualities are we looking for in a person:

  • Energy: Enthusiastic and moves with
  • Intelligence: Not only have the expertise to do the actual work but also have the business intelligence to understand what needs to be done and contribute to the conversation. It also means being empathetic to understand and care for fellow team members, and clients and competent to know what they’re doing – understand the business and initiate new projects as we face and try to solve challenges within the operational
  • Flexibility: Need to be completely comfortable with ever-changing responsibilities and work And this flexibility must be accompanied by a good attitude.
  • Creative and able to get shit done: No excuses, no BS. Need to find ways to get things done, even if they’ve never done them before. They should be able to ask for help when needed, but not let lack of experience get in the way of making things They should never assume it’s someone else’s job.

– be proactive, persistent, and have a sense of urgency. Need creative approaches and thinking to always get things done.

  • Thrive as an individual contributor: They won’t wait to be told what to do every step of the way, nor will they feel that they are above doing even the most mundane task. Need to be proactive in contributing to meetings and in problem-solving
  • Strategic thinker: Proactive with the departments and overall big picture goals and ensuring that his or her actions are helping the fledgling company achieve its goals. The person should be able to explain their strategic plan and what actions will be required along the
  • Broad skill set: Excellent teamwork skills, effective planning and communication, adaptability, and a great attitude. Also need someone that is going to be willing and able to pick up new responsibilities as
  • Compatible work style: Person needs to fit the Wowzi culture – high productivity, high responsibility, and outcomes-driven.
  • Ability to receive and act on feedback: Need to take feedback positively and use it to

Key Roles

Influencer Acquisition Strategies

  • Analyze brand needs assessment and come up with relevant influencer acquisition strategy
  • Set overall Wowzi influencer strategy from focus areas and high-level ambition, a long-term roadmap of initiatives to day to day delivery, including defining and building Wowzi influencer infrastructure
  • Develop robust influencer marketing tactics across performance, awareness, and retention
  • Establish team reporting structure by funnel and as a holistic view to be able to monitor the business and pull leverage as
  • Brainstorm new, creative approaches to influencer acquisition and grouping
  • Keep abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and influencers
  • Lead workshops and other strategic planning sessions

Influencer Training

  • Ensure all underperforming influencers at the point of verification are pulled out of campaigns and re-trained
  • Create a reporting structure on ROI from influencer training
  • Support marketing research for the development of strategic recommendations

Campaign Execution & Reporting

  • Collaborate with the client delight team to brainstorm and strategize on campaign execution mechanics
  • Manage campaign progress and budget fulfillment within the campaign duration
  • Lead campaign review sessions before and during the campaign period with the client delight team
  • Ensure campaigns are run in accordance with the client schedule and plan for any realignment
  • Ensure report data is available for the client delight team for client reporting (supervision)

Job skills and qualifications

  • 1-2 years experience in project management
  • Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices – systems and people-oriented
  • Hyper-organized and capable of juggling all of the data associated with projects and task-tracking
  • Possesses demonstrable analytical skills – able to use data to derive impactful insights and drive decisions in a business environment
  • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline
  • Project Management Certification is a plus
  • Tech-savvy and able to adapt appropriately to real-time changes
  • Experience implementing and improving processes and tools that inform the daily life of the Technical Support team members; educate team members on new improvements

Job Features

Job CategoryManagement, Sales

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