Training Needs Assessment

To be able to understand the employees and their managers better before the training, we carry out a training needs assessment. This is a questionnaire filled online, that helps us not only prepare better for the training but also highly customize the training to suit the employees and also address business needs.

The questionnaire take about 3 minutes to be filled. Once we receive substantial feedback, we generate a report, which we share with the training steering committee and plan the course of action. From the report, we are also able to generate a training program addressing key issues raised during the assessment.

We maintain employees confidentiality during the entire process, so as to make the training a success.


Our Methodology

We use the below methods as our training tools, by using various methods we make sure we cater for all of our participants needs and we are able to transfer information in different ways to our participants. Hence greater understanding of various concepts within a limited period.

  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Buzz Groups
  • Videos
  • Games

Our Aim

  • Our aim is to provide highly interactive sessions, with many industrial examples relevant to your group of staff.
  • Our aim is also to be as practical as possible, hence the integration of various methods in the training.
  • Our trainers are vast with experience and they are able to self-reinvent based on the situation they are placed.


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