Training Needs Assessment

To be able to understand the employees and their managers better before the training, we carry out a training needs assessment. This is a questionnaire filled online, that helps us not only prepare better for the training but also highly customize the training to suit the employees and also address business needs.

The questionnaire take about 3 minutes to be filled. Once we receive substantial feedback, we generate a report, which we share with the training steering committee and plan the course of action. From the report, we are also able to generate a training program addressing key issues raised during the assessment.

We maintain employees confidentiality during the entire process, so as to make the training a success.

Course Objectives

The hallmark of a service-centric institution consists of staff that is engaged and enthusiastic about providing an exceptional customer experience. Coupled with excellent sales and marketing skills, for employees who work across functions.

Learning Objective

  1. Define world-class service and increase awareness and commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  2. Promote and nurture greater consistency in service delivery.
  3. Enhance personal ownership and empowerment of staff members to continually improve the quality of the customer experience
  4. Identify the ‘perfect’ customer
  5. Create powerful introductions
  6. Fill the sales funnel
  7. Understand the psychology of selling
  8. Close and follow-up sales


  • Communication Skills
  • SWOT Analysis/Business Growth Opportunities
  • Managing Customer Database
  • Email etiquette and Phone handling skills
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Sales Concepts
  • Product Knowledge – Understanding your customers and their needs
  • Total Quality Management
  • Dealing with difficult customers and handling complaints
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 4Ps of Marketing
  • Managing Group Dynamics
  • Work and Business Ethics
  • Good and Bad Customer Service Experience
  • Stepping into the shoes of your customers
  • Improving Customer service and Service Delivery
  • Work Planning and Organization
  • Attitude is Everything
  • Internal customer service improvements
  • Decision Making,  Problem Solving and Stress Management

Our Methodology

  • Presentation and Lecture
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Videos and Games
  • Panel Discussion

Post Training Assessment

One month after the training, we recommend you invite us to do a post-training assessment, this is a test we carry out to the trainees and see the impact the training had on their day-to-day work at the workplace. From the assessment, we are able to advise on further course of action, address any key issues or even suggest a change in strategy if the ones shared during the training are not work for the business.

This exercise creates a sense of accountability to both the trainees and management of the organization to follow through with what was trained. This is also another way to measure the return on investment for the training.

Phase and Time Frame

  • Week 1: initial consultation -Meeting to discuss your goals and objectives, establish a timeline and schedule and sign the contract
  • Week 2: Designing your customized strategy, action plan, and program schedule
  • Week 3: Implementing the program plan and assessments
  • Week 4: Certification and one-off consultation


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