Unlocking Efficiency: Revolutionizing HR Management with HRIS

PiPO HRIS: Redefining HR Management for
Every Industry

Welcome to the future of HR management– PiPO HRIS, the pinnacle of Accurex's innovation in Human Resource Information Systems. Designed as a proprietary end-to-end solution, PiPO HRIS is more than software; it's a strategic tool empowering organizations across industries to optimize their HR functions seamlessly, from talent acquisition to retirement and beyond.

What is PiPO HRIS?

PiPO HRIS isn't just a product; it's your company's secret to streamlined HR operations. This powerful platform is engineered to simplify complexities, automate workflows, and offer comprehensive insights that drive informed decision-making. It's the backbone of efficient HR management, tailored to suit the unique needs of diverse industries.

Why Choose PiPO HRIS?

? In a digital age where precision and efficiency reign supreme, PiPO HRIS stands tall as the ultimate solution. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, it empowers organizations to automate mundane tasks, streamline processes, and access real-time analytics– transforming HR operations from reactive to proactive.

The Accurex Advantage

As the brainchild of Accurex, PiPO HRIS embodies our commitment to excellence. Tailored to serve clients across all industries, our solution prioritizes accuracy, scalability, and innovation. We understand that each organization is unique, which is why PiPO HRIS is designed to adapt and evolve, catering to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Join the PiPO HRIS Revolution

Embrace the transformative power of PiPO HRIS and witness the evolution of HR management. Experience a future where precision meets efficiency, where data drives decisions, and where Accurex's dedication to innovation shapes your HR strategies.

PiPO HRIS Features

Each feature within PiPO HRIS is tailored to streamline specific HR processes, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and scalability across the HR spectrum, from recruitment to employee management and development.


From Recruitment to Onboarding- Simplify Talent Acquisition with PiPO HRIS!

PiPO HRIS simplifies and streamlines the hiring process from start to finish. It encompasses applicant tracking, job posting, resume screening, interview scheduling, background verification, and onboarding. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates alike, facilitating efficient talent acquisition.


Effortless Workforce Management- PiPO HRIS, Your HR Command Center!

The'Manage' feature of PiPO HRIS covers a broad spectrum of HR functions, including employee data management, attendance tracking, leave management, policy management, disciplinary management, and assets management. It acts as a centralized repository for all employee-related information, enabling efficient workforce management.

Payroll Management

Precision Payroll Made Simple- PiPO HRIS, Your Payroll Partner!

PiPO HRIS's Payroll Management feature automates payroll processes, including salary calculations, tax deductions, benefits administration, and compliance management. It ensures accuracy, timely payments, and regulatory compliance, reducing manual errors and streamlining payroll operations.

Performance Management

Fuel Growth, Inspire Excellence- PiPO HRIS, Driving Performance!

This feature enables continuous performance tracking, performance evaluation, goal setting, and feedback mechanisms. PiPO HRIS allows for the creation and tracking of performance metrics, facilitating regular assessments, identifying skill gaps, and fostering employee growth and development.


Engage, Empower, Excel- PiPO HRIS, Where Culture Thrives!

PiPO HRIS enhances employee engagement through surveys, feedback mechanisms, recognition programs, and communication tools. It promotes a positive work environment by facilitating employee feedback, fostering a culture of appreciation, and enabling transparent communication channels.

Perks& Benefits

Perks that Propel Success- PiPO HRIS, Elevating Benefits!

The Perks& Benefits module of PiPO HRIS manages employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, perks, and allowances. It ensures efficient administration, tracks benefits utilization, and provides employees with easy access to their benefits information.

Learning& Development:

Unleash Potential, Foster Growth- PiPO HRIS, Where Skills Flourish!

PiPO HRIS promotes employee growth and development by offering a comprehensive Learning& Development module. It facilitates training programs, skill assessments, and personalized learning paths, ensuring continuous upskilling and professional growth.

Casual Labour/Blue-collar Management

Efficiency in Every Hour- PiPO HRIS, Managing the Hourly Workforce!

This feature caters specifically to managing casual labor or blue-collar workforce requirements. PiPO HRIS facilitates efficient scheduling, time tracking, task allocation, and compliance management for non-permanent or hourly workers.

Our Onboarding Process

Needs Assessment

Unlocking Potential Starts Here- Accurex Analyzes, Tailors, Delivers!

This initial phase involves an in-depth discussion and analysis of the client's specific HR needs. Accurex engages with key stakeholders to understand pain points, current system limitations, and desired functionalities. This phase helps identify HR areas that require improvement or automation, such as recruitment, performance management, or payroll.

Selection of the Applicable Package

Choose Your Power Pack- PiPO HRIS, Tailored Solutions for Your Triumph!

Following the needs assessment, Accurex recommends the most suitable PiPO HRIS package aligned with the identified requirements. This phase involves presenting various package options tailored to the client's workforce size, industry-specific needs, and budget considerations.

Customization and Configuration

Crafting Excellence, Tailored Precision- PiPO HRIS, Your Unique HR Symphony!

PiPO HRIS is tailored to match the client's organizational structure, workflows, and HR policies. Accurex configures the system to reflect the client's hierarchy, departments, leave policies, and other specific requirements.

Data Import

Seamless Migration, Unmatched Precision- PiPO HRIS, Your Data's Safe Passage!

Accurex facilitates the seamless transfer of existing employee data from the client's previous HR system to PiPO HRIS. This step involves cleansing and formatting data, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the new system.

Training and Implementation:

Empowerment Begins Here- PiPO HRIS, Transforming Users to Maestros!

Accurex conducts comprehensive training sessions for HR personnel, managers, and end-users. These sessions cover system navigation, data entry, reporting, and best practices for leveraging PiPO HRIS effectively.

6. Go-Live and Support:

From Launch to Liftoff- PiPO HRIS, Your 24/7 Partner in Success!

Following successful training, PiPO HRIS is launched for live use. Accurex provides ongoing support, ensuring a dedicated helpdesk or support team is available to address any technical or operational issues post-implementation.

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