Employer of Record(EoR):


Employer of Record(EoR):

Our EoR Services
in Africa

Unlock Africa's Talent Pool with Accurex's EOR Services

Is your business hindered by limited local talent? Don't let geographical barriers limit your growth. Accurex offers comprehensive Employer of Record(EOR) services across Africa, enabling your access to a vast pool of skilled professionals in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, and beyond.

Tap into Africa's Abundant Talent Resources

Accurex facilitates your global expansion by connecting you to the diverse and skilled workforce spread across the African continent. With millions of experienced professionals spanning various industry verticals, Accurex acts as your Employer of Record, seamlessly managing employer compliance and payroll for your international workforce.

Empower Your Business Expansion

Africa's rich resources and talented workforce stand as pillars for sustainable business growth. Accurex serves as your reliable Employer of Record provider in Africa, allowing you to harness this potential for expanding your business operations.

Ready to Scale Globally? Partner with Accurex and
Unleash Africa's Potential!

The Accurex EOR Advantage

Access to Diverse Talent Pool:

Accurex's EOR services open doors to a vast and diverse talent pool across Africa, spanning various industries and skill sets. From Kenya to Nigeria, Uganda to South Africa, accessing this talent means finding the right skill sets for your business needs.

Simplified Global Expansion:

With Accurex acting as the Employer of Record, your business can expand globally without the complexities of setting up legal entities in each African country. This simplification streamlines the hiring process, saving time, effort, and resources.

Compliance Management:

Navigating local labor laws, regulations, and tax requirements can be challenging when expanding internationally. Accurex ensures full compliance with local employment laws, managing payroll, benefits, and other HR obligations in accordance with African regulations

Scalability and Flexibility:

Whether you're a startup seeking initial hires or an established corporation expanding operations, Accurex's EOR solutions in Africa offer scalability and flexibility to adapt to your business's evolving needs.

Mitigated Risks:

Accurex shoulders the risks associated with international employment. By handling legal and compliance matters, we mitigate potential risks, allowing your business to focus on strategic growth and operations.

Cost and Time Efficiency:

By bypassing the need to establish legal entities in each African country, Accurex's EOR solutions save significant costs and reduce the time required for global expansion, enabling quicker market entry and operational commencement.

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